Alleged murder-suicide couple’s funerals today

jyotika singh edited
Jyotika Singh, front

Police investigations into the alleged murder-suicide couple found in their flat last week continues as the family members prepare for their funerals today.

Enal Sanjesh Kumar will be cremated at the Lovu cemetery while his wife of three years, Jyotika Devi Singh will be cremated at Tuatua cemetery in Labasa.

The couple, whose bodies were discovered lying in a pool of blood in their Kaunitoni Street Vatuwaqa home, were childless.


  1. Panylla Molea says:

    She was full of life and a friendly person. Sad that she had to face a tragic death like that…Condolence to her family..RIP Joytika Singh, aka 'Joy'..

  2. Talianluv Batiri says:

    what's this picture got to do with this?

  3. It is a photo of the deceased female.

  4. really sad…. the good old dying young…. crazy world we'r living in.

  5. Read the caption and the report. Don't just look at the pictures.

  6. Panylla Molea says:

    That's her..sad eh? … Cheerful lady now gone.

  7. Vani Bolalailai says:

    RIP Joy… isa…

    1. Kez says:

      Isa o Joy….a wonderful & strong lady, always cheerful & smiling…R.I.P my sista