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Coca Cola Games 2013

Miriama Senokonoko

Senokonoko wins US scholarship

Adi Cakobau School’s middle distance runner Miriama Senokonoko has secured a 2-year athletics scholarship to study in New Mexico Junior College in …

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Flagstaff boys retain title

The boys from Flagstaff successfully retained their Coca Cola Games title with 11 gold, 7 silver and 1bronze at the ANZ Stadium …


Results: boys 4 x 400m finals

Sub junior boys 4x400m Xavier College (4 min 31.50s) Latter Day Saints (4min 37.50s) Jai Narayan College (4 min 42.99s)   Junior …

snr gals 200 m medals

Results: girls 4 x 400m

  Sub junior girls 4x400m (record, old record 4 min 39.37s) Xavier College (4 min 35.96s) Rampur College (4 min 55.26s) Ratu …

girls relay

Senior boys 4 x 100m final on hold

Sub junior girls 4x100m Xavier College (56.94s) Saint Thomas High School (57.75s) Adi Cakobau School (58.24s)   Junior girls 4x100m relay Jasper …