Dere won’t step down

Fiji 7s coach Alivereti Dere says he will not step down from his position.

Dere told FBC that he has plans to continue because he is the one who introduced free-flowing rugby back into the team.

He says he will give his report to Fiji Rugby Union and let them make a decision on his contract which expires at the end of the month.

Dere said: “For the record, the two seasons I have been in charge of the sevens we have won five tournaments and made the semi-final of the World Cup. For me, the idea that I have brought in, the idea is there.

“For the previous coaches, they went in there and they applied their certificates, but they didn’t have the idea to put in this pattern 0f play. So I came in with a pattern of play, and tried to bring in that style of training to suit this play. But this was not fully backed up.”

The men were placed third at the Rugby World Cup Sevens while Fijiana were bowl winners.



  1. John Hall says:

    only gods know, just let god take care o f it.

  2. Muzeem Khan says:

    LOL, take a hike Dere… Need someone who understands the game better and you certainly don't.

  3. dere its time, I also want to raise another point during world cup the atmosphere wasnt there less crowd, lot of empty seats.

  4. Farzeem N Nafiza says:

    bro did u se at half time .what dere tells his plyers nothing ae look like he dosent nw anythng .other coaches cant stop talking at half time break .useless coach n plyers .fiji team never got suport play .look at nz one plyer run with ball 3 behind him alwys for suport .

  5. Vani Dulaki says:

    we need someone who will respect process i.e. selectors choices and work with it. That is where your skills will be seen in building further potentials of our abundant rugby players to international level.

  6. Pio Ratubusa says:

    I think we have to work together…..