Fiji 7s training squad for Moscow RWC named

Vereniki Goneva
The Fiji 7s training squad for this month’s Moscow Rugby World Cup was named this afternoon.


Leone Nakarawa, Lepani Botia, Nemani Nagusa, Joji Raqamate, Metuisela Talebula, Vereniki Goneva, Samisoni Viriviri, Jasa Veremalua, Waisea Nayacalevu, Watisoni Votu, Alipate Ratini, Ilai Tinai, Jone Vota, Setefano Cakau, Osea Kolinisau, Timoci Matanavou, Sakiusa Gavidi, Emosi Mulevoro, Donasio Ratubuli, Ulaiasi Lawavou and Sunia Kubu.



  1. There is nothing wrong with the players, there is always everything wrong with the coaching method!
    I have always hoped that FRU could hire the expertise of Tomasi Cama Junior to come and take the World Cup Assighnment….There is no qualified coach around to do this job.
    Fiji"s lost in the past were always due to the negative attitude shown by indiscipline players taking wrong, idiotic options at crucial moments.
    This is a psychological issue that needs to be driven into our boys 'thick skulls', period! Our boys have mastered all the skills of how to play Sevens….Problem is, they get thick-headed during 'big- time game events'!
    Most players are crowd-pleasers only, and don't care about Fiji losing the games. Some get confused at what roles they play in the specialized position.
    The mentality is, that everyone wants to score but when they realize the couldn't, it is time to deliver that 'fucking god-damned ball'…..vutulaki mamaca, sona levu!
    Ke o se kua ga ni o kau mai, mo se ta niu tu ga yani I Viti…….

  2. Bill Natadra says:

    Thanks to all player, but l would like to comments on JOJI RAGAMATE, playmaker position, need more training that position, l saw him her played wing on Natabua 7's team, fiji coach , prison coach put him on this position, need more time to mature on this position also half/back position.Please he need more mature skill , also tackle situation to weak and poor in tackle, or defence's played.
    Dere, need more point's in him before the World 7's in Russia.Ragamate to played on the next 4yrs world cup 7's.

  3. Vicky Prasad says:

    i believe some players Dere has selected in not right. Players like Emosi Mulevoro, Sunia Kubu and some others. Dere should have selected Burotu and Joeli as they have vast experience in 7s rugby and have won many tournaments for Fiji.
    Well in todays era coaches have their say… just have to take it.
    My 12 member seletion for Rugby World Cup…..
    Watisoni Votu, Setefano Cakau, Waisea Nayacalevu, Alipate Raitini, Matuisela Talebula, Samisoni Viriviri, Timoci Motanovou, Illai Tinai, Joji Ragamate, Levani Botia, Osea Kolinisau and Verenik Goneva.
    Well let see the outcome….Dere see this email and do the selection for 12 Memebers.
    If you select this players surely Fiji will win the World Cup 2013.
    The ball is in your court now…………………..