Fiji’s first international super model

Phillipa Steele


Sigatoka student Philipa Steele has created history becoming the first Fijian to sign up with the Trump Model agency based in New York.

Steele was selected from 52 potential models who took part in a casting call held by Trump Model scout, Duane Gazi-White at Fiji Broadcasting Corporation in Suva yesterday.

Gazi-White said Steele showed that she has a lot of potential.

“She is sixteen years old and when she walked in front of me it took me a moment to capture myself. I mean she just has so much potential and one always hopes that that’s what you will find.”_

As for Steele, she never thought she’d be picked.

“I didn’t really think I would come here and make it. So I just told my mother don’t expect anything from me. I am just going to have fun and come back home – so I haven’t been to school this whole week. I have been struggling, practicing and shopping and to come here and to see the reaction and winning is really amazing. This is for all the people in the west especially to the Sigatoka people.”


Steele had also won the crown in the 2012 Divisional Crime Prevention Carnival in Sigatoka.

Steele, who is from Kulukulu in Sigatoka, will continue her studies until the end of the year before she moves to New York.







  1. way to go…make Fiji proud! Awesome man!

  2. Kah-So King says:

    *Go Cuz* Make us Happy and Proud to be From Kulukulu! Go Get em Tiger!

  3. Loloma Andrews says:

    awesome, then some bloody person will say oh know she doesnt look fijian enough…good on her I say!!

  4. Ria Tamani says:

    wow make us fijians proud… 🙂

  5. Fuzzyv Marriott-Jones says:

    (Y) WANANAVU from Scotland! 😉

  6. Fuzzyv Marriott-Jones says:

    WANANAVU from Scotland! *;))

  7. Congratulations Phillipa! And to the Steele family you've raised a superstar!

  8. Mary Wesley says:

    Awesome! Will most definitely look out for her. Well done Phillipa. If anything you confirm that even in as little a place as Fiji, we have our own Super Talented and beautiful people that can rise above all others. Such a proud moment for her family and for Fiji! :).

  9. So proud of you Ms.Philippa Steele! God bless you! Happy for you and your family! <3

  10. Congratulations, go girl,and God Bless.

  11. omg…I'm a proud SIGATOKIANS after reading this….Vinaka lewa…kalougata tiko na nomui tosotoso I NYC…o Nadroga and Merika eru tautauvata…feel at home and have fun….

  12. Wise Junior says:

    hakwa nadro….

  13. Rajnesh Prasad says:

    Is she related to George Steele from Kulukulu?

  14. Atul Kuver says:

    You can see the similarities

  15. Tinai Stone says:

    Beautiful…All the Best girl…show them the BEAUTINESS in you!

  16. Jim Kusi says:

    Thats her Dad..

  17. Hair N Mkp Perfectionist says:

    Sky is the limit….Go get e'm honey!

  18. What a beautiful opportunity for a beautiful girl! X

  19. Lucy Marawaqa says:

    Wow Congrats Gorgeous Girl! x

  20. Rajnesh Prasad says:

    wow..I went to school with him.