Helicopter rescue successful, 60 year old in stable condition at CMMH

police badge
An elderly woman was today rescued by police officers and villagers from Namosi after a 2-day ordeal in the Waimanu Hills.
The 60-year-old was airlifted in a helicopter and taken to the CWM hospital where she is admitted in a stable condition.
The woman had accompanied her 2 daughters on Wednesday morning to catch prawns. The trio camped at their destination for the night. They were searching for prawns in a nearby river when the woman started experiencinng body pains.
The trio made their way back to Veisari but the woman felt she could not go any further and they decided that her 30 year old daughter return for help while she waited with her younger daughter. The daughter walked approximately 6 hours to get help and a report was lodged at the Lami Police Station yesterday afternoon.

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