New electoral system for Fiji


One of the major changes in the new constitution will be the electoral system that will be used in Fiji for the first time.

 The draft constitution prepared by the government’s legal team proposed that the election of members of parliament is by a multi – member open list system of proportional representation, under which each voter has one vote with each vote being of equal value.
The draft proposed that parliament shall consist of 45 members and there will be four electoral divisions. These divisions are Central, Eastern, Western and Northern divisions.
The Central division will be allocated 18 parliamentary seats, Western division 16 seats, Northern division 9 seats and Eastern division will have 4 seats.

People in each division has to place the number of ticks based on the allocation of seats in their division.

Candidates will be ranked according to the number of votes received and the top 18 will go through to take up seat in the Central division and the same will occur for the other divisions based on the seats allocated in those areas.

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