NGOs call for more ‘inclusive’ Pacific Plan

PACIFIC non-government organisations have told the Pacific Plan Review Team that the region’s policy architecture needs to be made more open and inclusive if the Pacific Plan is to survive.

The Pacific Plan, an initiative of Pacific leaders through the Pacific Islands Forum, is meant to be the blueprint for greater regional co-operation and integration.

Emele Duituturaga from the Pacific Island Association of Non-Government Organisations says there are questions over its effectiveness.

“It needs to be prioritised and particularly the architecture and the mechanisms around it need to be opened up and made more inclusive in order for it to stay,” she has told Pacific Beat.

NGOs also want a seat on key regional bodies, such as the Pacific Plan Advisory Committee, and direct access to leaders at their annual summit.

Papua New Guinea’s Former Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, is currently undertaking a wide-ranging review of the Pacific Plan, visiting all 14 of the Forum’s member nations to hear their views.

His report and refreshed Plan will go to the leaders when they meet in the Marshall Islands in September.


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