Police: Stop circulating Labasa murder pictures

Police have urged people to stop circulating the photos of the two youths who were found dead at Korosomo Hill in Tabia earlier this month, as it is disrespectful.

Police are now also trying to determine how the photos of best friends Samuel Vikash Nand, 17, of Dreketi and Abhishek Kumar, 20, of Tuatua in Labasa were leaked and which are now being circulated via the email.

The bodies of the victims were found by a 44 year old farmer at the incident scene which is approximately 50 metres away from the Labasa Nabouwalu highway.



  1. Nilesh Ram says:

    the person who put the picture must be sick by mind.

  2. Shelly Chand says:

    Do something worth n do it for ur family.

  3. wea is the pictures can I av the link.

  4. Rajveer Raj says:

    I also wana view man.