2013 staff establishment register for the civil service released

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has today released the 2013 Staff Establishment Register for the Civil Service.

PSC permanent secretary, Parmesh Chand said the register contains information on the size and structure of established staff and government wage earners in the civil service as at January 31, 2013.

“PSC in the course of the year will issue variation notices to reflect any changes to the civil service staff establishment,” Mr Chand said.

“Managing the size of public service is a critical issue that all permanent secretaries and heads of departments must take responsibility for in their respective ministries and departments. This register is prepared to assist in the effective management of staff establishments,” Mr Chand said.

Mr Chand said PSC works in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance to ensure that the payroll is aligned to the staff establishment register and conducts a quarterly audit to ensure that agencies are working in accordance with what is reflected in the register.

The staff establishment register is aligned to the annual Budget.

-Information Ministry

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