$8.8m sugar project


The Secretariat of the Pacific Community said it had invested 3.7 million euros ($F8.8m) in funding from the European Union towards assisting disadvantaged farmers in cane belt areas diversify to cash crops.

SPC Land Resources Division director Inoke Ratukalou said the EU funds were being utilised in a project titled Improvement of Key Services to Agriculture.

“This aims to alleviate poverty for the most vulnerable groups in the sugar belt areas focusing on the provision of direct support to farmers to enter into complementary enterprises through the production of horticulture crops, and through the provision of indirect support to farmers by supporting sugar cane research and extension,” Mr Ratukalou said.

“This project provides an opportunity for farmers living on the sugar belt areas in Fiji to supplement their incomes through the production and marketing of additional horticulture crops.”

Mr Ratukalou said the project commenced in July last year and was scheduled to be completed by December 2015.



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