All ‘cure products’ should be registered: Sharma

quantum pendants
Quantum pendants


ALL products used for medicinal purposes will have to be registered under the new Medicines Products Decree introduced earlier this year.

This is the directive by Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma in light of continuing issues over the sale of medically unproven “all cure” products in the country.

Dr Sharma addressed the issue of quantum pendants being sold by retailers and reiterated the products must be medically proven before being sold to consumers.

“They have to bring us the scientific facts of their products,” Dr Sharma said.

“They can’t tell us to Google search the product because that is not the way things are done, especially for medicine.

“There needs to be facts stated clearly by pharmacists and scientists, and when that is done they must register their products under the Medicine Products Decree.”

Dr Sharma said the ministry would continue to advise customers to be cautious of these products and not be duped into buying these items.

“Yes, people can come forward with their own stories of being healed by this products but do they have the scientific and chemical proof to back up their claims?

“That is what we want from these people, to give us scientific proof before selling them to customers.”

The issue of the quantum pendants was first raised by the Fiji College of General Practitioners’ Western faculty president, Dr Ram Raju.

Dr Raju claimed these products were not medically proven and advised customers not to be duped into buying such expensive items.

His complaint was also backed by the Consumer Council of Fiji, which called on the ministry to investigate the issue.

-Fiji Times

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