Boyfriend rape victim’s aunt testifies

Court Mallet

A 23-year-old woman who was allegedly raped by her boyfriend went to see her aunt the day after the alleged incident with bruises on her thighs, arms and forehead, the High Court in Suva heard.

The victim’s aunt, in her evidence, told the court that on September 22, 2011, her niece visited her at her home after she had sent her a text message asking of her whereabouts.

The witness told the court that on that particular day, she noticed some changes with her niece when she arrived at her home because she looked “dirty and shattered” and confused.

The court heard that after the accused dropped the victim at her aunt’s place, the victim told her aunt that her boyfriend had sex with her without her consent.

DPP lawyer Meli Vosawale asked the witness how long she had known the victim, to which she replied 20 years.

She also described her niece as a “quiet girl who does not talk much, humble and if she disagreed with something, she will cry”.

She said after her niece told her of the alleged incident, she advised her to have her shower before they could go to the Valelevu Police Station to report the matter.

The witness said at the police station, their statement was taken and they contacted the number which was believed to belong to the accused.

The court heard that arrangements were made for the accused to meet the victim in the presence of police.

In her evidence, the victim said she had received a call from an unknown man and six months later, she was having daily conversations with him.

She told the court in her examination in chief that she never knew that the man she was talking to was a serving prisoner at that time.

The woman said she first met the accused in March 2011 and they had developed a relationship prior to their first meeting.

She said it was when they went to Newtown on September 11, 2011 when the accused raped her after she refused to have sex with him.


By: Fiji Times

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