Boy’s suicide under investigation


POLICE Commissioner Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua has directed investigators to look at the reasons why a 12-year-old boy in Viani Village, Cakaudrove allegedly committed suicide.

Brig-Gen Naivalurua yesterday visited village to inspect the scene where the alleged suicide took place on Thursday morning.

Brig-Gen Naivalurua, who was accompanied by the provincial administrator Uraia Rainima, raised his concerns regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident.

A police release stated Brig-Gen Naivalurua wanted to know why a child would resort to such actions, feeling that the only option available to him was to take his own life.

Preliminary reports state the student had not returned home a day before his alleged suicide.

“The deceased was supposed to accompany his family to a church service but opted to go to his friend’s house instead,” the release stated.

“A search was conducted in the early hours of Friday morning when he failed to return.

“The search party found the deceased at the scene of where he allegedly took his own life.”

– Fiji Times

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