Bus audits confirmed

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In light of the recent bus fires, the Fiji Police Traffic Division has made the decision to combine their efforts with those of the LTA to conduct bus company audits.

This was reported yesterday by police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro who said it was an opportune time for stakeholders to work together.

“The audit will be conducted at the bus garages and this is being done in good faith as we try to avoid any further incidents from occurring and we are grateful for the co-operation of all stakeholders,” Ms Naisoro said in the statement.

“The Fiji police has a responsibility to maintain and ensure the safety and security of the people of Fiji and this is why this step is being taken,” she said.

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She said the police force was particularly grateful to the Fiji Bus Operators Association (FBOA) for providing bus services to the people of Fiji.

“We do acknowledge the efforts by the FBOA with progress made in Fiji’s bus industry with millions of dollars being pumped in to improve service delivery to the people of Fiji.

“However there are a few issues which we believe need to be better monitored as far as bus safety is concerned.”

All three bus fire incidents this year are believed to have been the result of electrical faults and police have decided to step in to assist.

“This is one of the issues that need to be closely scrutinised by the operators and we will work with them to find and implement better monitoring mechanisms.”

-fiji times

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