CCF, Reverend Yabaki’s contempt of court case ruling on notice

Reverend Akuila Yabaki
Fiji Court of Appeal president, Justice William Callanchini will deliver his sentence on notice regarding Citizen’s Constitutional Forum and its executive director, Reverend Akuila Yabaki’s contempt of court case.
During the mitigation hearing today CCF’s senior counsel, Neil Williams said that no scandalous information on the judiciary was published in their quarterly article.
He also said that the CCF is willing to make an apology which will have to be heard first by Callanchini before it is printed in the next issue.
Williams also requested a non-custodial sentence.
Lawyers from the Attorney General’s Office said that Reverend Yabaki’s actions pose a real risk in undermining the rule of law.
They said that a fine of no less than $100,000 should be paid by CCF and Yabaki and a bond of $100,000 of good behaviour for three years should be placed on CCF and Yabaki. They have also sought a custodial sentence of no less than 6 months for Yabaki.

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