Come here lava boy! Drive-thru sex bays set up next to Italian volcano help men with erection problems

Solfatara volcano
Solfatara volcano


The raised levels of customer satisfaction at this drive-in site near Naples have nothing to do with spectacular views or luxury amenities.

This is the site of a set of unique ‘sex bays’- where visitors can book a parking bay and become intimate with the great outdoors.

The bays’ location promises to excite and arouse users who want to experience the effects of ‘natural viagra’.

They are beside the Solfatara volcano near Naples. The volcano emits hydrogen sulfide- a gas that is proven to help men with erectile problems.

Hydrogen sulfide is known as the ‘devil’s stink’ because it smells like rotten eggs. The gas can also be toxic in large quantities.

However, in smaller doses, scientists say the chemical plays an important part in a male erection.

As well as increasing blood flow, the chemical relaxes nerves in muscles that control an erection.

sex bays
sex bays


Experts say hydrogen sulfide could be as effective as Viagra in treating erectile dysfunction if a new product was properly developed.

However, the levels of concentration at which the chemical is safe to use remains unknown.

The unusual camp site provides guests with contraception and leaflets about safe sex.


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