Define child: SODELPA

dr tupeni baba
The Social Democratic and Liberal Party has asked the Registrar of Political Parties to define  a child under the Political Parties Decree.
The parties, the applicants of the parties and their executives have to reveal all their assets and liabilities by June 7.
According to the Political Parties Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures Decree, the spouses and children of the applicants and executives also have to reveal their assets and liabilities.
SODELPA’s Dr Tupeni Baba said they have issues in relation to their adult children having to declare their assets and liabilities as they have moved on and started off their own families.
A child in the decree means any children of the party officials or applicants irrespective of their age.
The National Federation Party had earlier condemned the requirements
Fiji Labour Party is ready with it’s declaration of assets and liabilities, FLP leader, Mahendra Chaudhry said they will deal with it as and when it is necessary.

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