Exclusive: Interview with Fiji’s first international model

Phillipa Steele

Sixteen-year old Phillipa Steele has created history by becoming Fiji’s first international model.

The gorgeous and down to earth girl who hails from Kulukulu in Sigatoka, beat 52 other potential models to be win an international modeling contact with the world renown Donald Trump model agency which is based in New York, America.

Steele was selected during a casting call held by Trump Model scout, Duane Gazi-White at Fiji Broadcasting Corporation in Suva yesterday.

Steele spoke to us exclusively this afternoon and we are proud to present her first ever interview on Fijiworldnews.com:

So how does it feel like to be selected by the Trump empire to do modeling?

I am totally over the moon!!! But overall I’m just so grateful to be given this opportunity. Especially to Donald Trump and his agents.  Breaks like this don’t come to everyone everyday and I’m just so so very grateful for this window of opportunity.
This has been the kind of opportunity I’ve been waiting for to change my family’s life around. To be able to give my parents a much deserved break and provide for them once I start earning.I am also speechless by the fact that the casting agent went through 700 contestants in China, and he never chose anyone. And just to be picked by him, It is just an amazing feeling.

How did your interest in modeling start?
My cousins and friends have always wanted me to join and  especially my brothers and parents.  So I finally took the important first step joined the MHCC Teen Model Competition in   2012 which was held in the month of May and June last year. There were about 140 contestants and in the end, I came 2nd runner up and  that is where it all started.From this experience, it has helped me build up my self confidence and self esteem as I am usually quite reserved and shy around people  so modeling has helped me boost my confidence.
When do you leave for New York?

First I would like to finish my Fiji School Leaving Certificate this year then I will be off in January next year.

When will you sign the contract of your life? 
Most likely next week in Suva.

Do you have any idea what you will be doing in New York?

I was only briefed. I will be residing in Trumps towers with a few other models my age. I will not only be stationed in New York but  will be traveling to Paris and Milan often.
What other events have you taken part in and won?
We had a school carnival in 2010. The two main prizes were personality and charity. I won personality and last year, I came 2nd runner up in the MHCC Teen Model competition. (Phillipa also won the District carnival crown in Sigatoka last year)
What kind of career do you have in mind?
I was actually planning on studying law after high school  because I love arguing a point ..debating.. speaking in front of crowds etc..
What are you hobbies?
Singing, dancing (mainly Polynesian dances) , athletics , sports (netball, soccer, volleyball), Reading (book worm) and spending as much time as possible with my family.

What kind of music do you like? 
Music  umm.. hard question.. umm well songs that have meaning ..that soothes but has a good beat. Favorites: Beyonce, Pink, Rehana, Celin Dion, Bruno Mars.

What school do you attend?

Form 6 student at Sigatoka Methodist College.

Who are your parents?

My mum is Colleen Steele. My dad is George Steele. My mum stays home because I have 7 siblings.

What’s your favorite food?

Favorite food? Hahahhaa.. I’m a food lover. I don’t have have specific choices .. anything mum cooks is my favourite  honestly.

—– end of interview ——

Thank you Phillipa for making time for us this afternoon.. we look forward to seeing you succeed in the international arena!

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