Fa & Company to distribute funds to Monasavu landowners

All payments to Monasavu landowners as part of their compensation claim against Fiji Electricity Authority – will now be handled by law firm Fa and Company.

This decision was made by the High Court two weeks ago
Between 2006 and 2009 – Fa and Company distributed more than nine million dollars, but this came to a stop after a dispute emerged with the then TLTB and FEA.

The three parties couldn’t agree on who was to carry out the distribution and the High Court held back the monies.

Fa says there is still some work to be carried out before he can resume paying out the fifty two point eight million dollars awarded in 2005.

“We will be liaising with the High Court and the bank on the issue of interest, as we had engaged overseas lawyers, we would be addressing the issue of their cost including Fa And Company’s costs associated with this.”

According to the High Court ruling, the compensation is to be paid out over 90 years.


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