Fake information being circulated by politicians: Khaiyum

aiyaz saiyad khaiyum in tavarua
Politicians from the United Front for a Democratic Fiji are using unverified information which are being accessed from anti government blog sites and this has become a major concern, said the Attorney General Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum.

Khaiyum said that the UFDF is ‘making a number of claims about the salaries of the Prime Minister and Attorney General’. And Khaiyum stressed that ‘everyone knows that people cannot rely on information on the blogs’.

The Code of Conduct for public office holders will be put in place soon which will require them to reveal their assets, liabilities and income. As per the political parties decree, all party officials and applicants will be required to so the same.

 SODELPA member Doctor Tupeni Baba had earlier told the Pacific Beat news that ‘they are not sure whether the information is correct but they were circulating the information to verify it’.

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