FNPF amnesty period extended

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The Fiji National Provident Fund has extended the amnesty period for the waiver of surcharges against employers who haven’t paid their workers FNPF contributions. The new deadline is June 30.

According to FNPF, the amnesty period was extended because several employers had sought more time to pay up.

The initial amnesty period was from April 22 – May 30. As at May 31, over 200 employers have paid more than $614,000.

Those employers who fail to clear contributions owed will be penalised under the provisions of the FNPF Decree 2011.



The Fiji National Provident Fund has received complaints from employees of some Non Governmental Organizations that they are not being paid their FNPF contributions.

And the FNPF has today warned all NGOs that they are being monitored to ensure that they comply with FNPF laws.

According to the FNPF, some NGOs do not provide their employees with pay slips therefore these employees are unable to verify their FNPF deductions.

FNPF inspectors will visit all NGOs in the next few weeks.

According to the Human Rights Coalition such complaints usually come from  employees of small NGOs.

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