Greedy impersonators plead guilty

Two men who tried to steal a bag of money belonging to Post Fiji Limited have pleaded guilty to charges of impersonation and theft.

Vilikesa Koli faces an impersonation charge while his accomplice Eparama Tuitoga is charged with theft. They both appeared before Magistrate Chaitanya Lakshman in Suva yesterday with visible bruise marks on their bodies.

Both accused persons waived their right to counsel.

The court heard that Mr Koli wore a PFL uniform and tried to take a bag of money containing $5500 that was to be taken to a postal office in Lau aboard the MV Sandy.

He had approached one Susana Moceiwasa and pretended to be a staff of PFL.

Ms Moceiwasa allowed him to enter the vessel storeroom and search for the bag of money.

The second accused, Mr Tuitoga arrived at Port Mua-i-Walu in a taxi and was handed a PFL uniform by Mr Koli.

It was when Mr Tuitoga tried to take the bag of money to the waiting taxi that the crew of the shipping vessel became suspicious.

He was questioned by the crew and the money bag was taken from him.

Mr Koli fled the scene in the waiting taxi, the court heard.

Sergeant Singh said the men were arrested and taken in for questioning. They both admitted the offence.

The matter has been adjourned to Monday.


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