Husband and wife die in horrific parking accident

A woman practising to park has killed her husband and herself in a tragic accident that was witnessed by the couple’s six-year-old daughter.

Global News reports that driver, 41, who had only received her licence last month, was practising parking in a Lexus RX270 SUV in an underground parking garage in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, in China on June 18.

The woman’s husband was directing from behind the vehicle and reversed too far, pinning him against the wall.

Hearing her husband’s scream, the woman reportedly put her head out the driver’s side window and accelerated in an attempt to move forward but – possibly in panic – did not realise the vehicle was still in reverse.

The sudden extra reverse acceleration killed her husband instantly and also ended up with her jamming her head between the car and the wall alongside the parking space.

Rescue teams were reportedly quickly on the scene, but the driver died from injuries in a nearby hospital.

The entire ordeal was watched from inside the car by the couple’s six-year-old daughter.

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