Kautoga to hang up his boots

Samuela Kautoga
Samuela Kautoga

Fiji’s national defender Samuela Kautoga is planning to hang up his boots and concentrate on the other aspect in his life and the time is not far away.

Kautoga who made his debut for Navua in 2006 believes he has achieved a lot in his football career and it is now time for him to move on in his life.

“I won’t be playing football for long now since I have made other plans for my future which I want achieve while I am still young so that is why I want to build a career for myself as football is not there forever as I am getting old,” 26 year old national defender said.

Samu as commonly known by his football team mates says now he has responsibilities to fulfill and he does not want to fail being a father and good husband.

“When I was single I played football as a passion but now I have a family of my own and that is where the family commitments and responsibilities comes in towards my wife and my child, so football has changed from passion to profession for me,”

He has also represented the country in the Fiji under 20 side in 2007 before joining Lautoka in the same year. He is believed to be a lucky charm for the teams he played in the Courts Inter-Disrict Championship winning with Lautoka the following year and then winning two in a row for Labasa in 2011 and Suva last year.

Kautoga, who plays for Amicale Football Club of Vanuatu believes it is the perfect time for him to get back to tertiary level studies and get a trade certificate.

“At the moment I am planning to continue playing football with my current club but I would like to resume studies in an area of interest so I am planning to build my future and my family is my first priority,”

Kautoga is planning to be with his current club Amicale FC in the new transfer window though he has many offers coming his way but is taking a step at a time.

“I have received offers from certain clubs outside Fiji but I am weighing my options and see which one of those is better for me and my family but at present I am happy with my current club as I most often able to come to Fiji to see my family in Suva and it is also easier for me my wife Charisma Kumar and daughter Avrielle Kautoga to come and see me in Port Vila when they get time, I want to concentrate on my soccer and a the same time spend time with my daughter who is just one.. playing for Amicale i am able to balance my time constructively with my soccer plans and personal life.” former Suva rep said.

-story/photo: fiji fa

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