Labasa deaths investigation underway

What was expected to be a special day has turned out to be a nightmare for two families in Macuata after their only sons were discovered dead at Korosomo Hill in Tabia yesterday morning.

Dead are best friends Samuel Vikash Nand, 17, of Dreketi and Abhishek Kumar, 20, of Tuatua in Labasa.

They were reported missing by family members after they failed to return home on Friday night. Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro confirmed the bodies of the two youths were discovered at the hill about 50 metres away from the main road.

She said the bodies were discovered at 7.10am. The families of the two boys each own a shop at Dreketi.

Samuel’s father, Pastor James Nand, said he last saw his son on Friday when he left their home to travel to Labasa for the weekend. He said his son spent most of his weekends with Abhishek in Tuatua.

“Every time when he leaves home, he usually kisses his grandmother and that day (Friday), he told me to look for his white shirt and necktie and keep it ready for him because he was preparing a drama and special song for today’s church service,” an emotional Mr Nand said yesterday.

“He then told me and my wife that he was going to see his friend and return for the service. We were all looking forward to his participation in church because he had prepared well for it.”

On Saturday, Mr Nand said he received a call from Abhishek’s family who told him the two were missing.

“We informed the police in Dreketi and also in Seaqaqa because we were really worried,” he said.

“Instead of rejoicing in church today, we had to mourn for our son and also cancel our service. God please grant us peace for we have lost our only son.”

Abhishek’s father, Ashok Kumar said he last saw his son on Wednesday.

“My son had come to help me in the shop last week and on Wednesday, I told him to go back to Labasa to look after my wife as she was diabetic and sickly,” Mr Kumar said.

“That was the last time I ever talked to him and saw him as well. My wife called me on Friday to inform me that the two weren’t at home. We alerted police and we were told of the tragic news. I can’t believe that my only son has left us so early and his passing is like losing everything.

“They were really great friends and I really don’t know what happened to them because no one knew where they went that night.”

According to witnesses at the scene, the bodies were found by a group of people who converged to buy bread as the area was a pit stop for a bread delivery vehicle.

Mrs Naisoro said they could not release further comments on the incident as investigations were underway.


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