Modern law to deal with unexplained wealth

Razim Buksh
The Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit has received 6 cases of unexplained wealth dating back to last month.
Unit director Razim Buksh disclosed this information at the at the Fiji Institute of Accountants Congress 2013 in Denarau. He said that there is nothing wrong in acquiring wealth and improving the material well being by people however this must be done legally and lawfully.
Fiji now has a more modern law for dealing with sophisticated proceeds of crime cases where the Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) Decree now  requires a person to show that wealth was obtained lawfully in order to keep it, rather than the law enforcement agencies to show that the wealth was obtained unlawfully in order to forfeit it.
He said the unexplained wealth provisions for both public officials and private individuals and businesses are the best mechanism that can now be used in Fiji.

The annual congress ended yesterday.


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