No escape: High tech airport x-ray machines commissioned

airport xray

The Fijian Government’s commitment towards strengthening Fiji’s borders and gateways got a boost today with the commissioning of four new x–ray machines at the Nadi International Airport.

These new technology enhances efforts of the state to modernise equipment processes and systems that will assist border security officers better facilitate safety travels for the public.

In commissioning the new machines, acting Minister for Defense Mr Timoci Lesi Natuva said the machines, which cost government $750,000 are stationed at the Nadi international airport and puts Fiji on par with other international airports such as Hong Kong and Korea.

“These machines are state-of-the-art and provide us with a new and upgraded line of defence against the importation of contraband and illegal items into Fiji,” Mr Natuva said.

“Every incoming passenger will have their luggage screened in a manner that complies with the latest international standards, which Fiji is committed to meet.”

Mr Natuva said these international instruments will provide the impetus for better and wider coverage of contraband and illegal items.

In May this year, the Immigration Department launched a new system called ‘Integrated Border Management Systems (IBMS)’ which allows quicker access to information on individual arriving passengers.

“Now, we are here to commission the updated Inbound Baggage Screening System – another measure which indicates the Government’s commitment to protect our borders,” Mr Natuva said.

“ Everyone in Fiji can be assured that from today, we are all more secure.”

Mr Natuva added that the Nadi International Airport would undergo a major refurbishment program later in the year to upgrade it to international standards because some of the present facilities date back to the 1960s and are inadequate to cater for today’s demands.

“So this upgrade will be good for passengers using the airport and good for those who work here,” Mr Natuva said.

The Ministry of Defence, National Security and Immigration have collaborated with government stakeholders to purchase the latest equipment for the airport including with the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority, the Biosecurity Authority of Fiji, Airports Fiji Limited and the support from the Ministry of Defence, National Security and Immigration.


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