No warning to proposed youth party – Attorney General

aiyaz saiyad khaiyum
Fiji Government Media Release:
The front page story of today’s Fiji Sun – “Register first, AG Warns Youth Activists; only three can” – is inaccurate, and worse, contains outright fabrications.In an interview last Wednesday with the Fiji Sun, I reiterated the point that those looking to form political parties could say they were intending to form a party when going out to get signatures, but that only registered political parties can hold themselves out to be political parties.

I was told that a group of people were campaigning as a political party, and was then asked whether this was allowed. To this, I responded that I did not know the specific details, but that groups can’t hold themselves out to be political parties if they have not registered.

At no point was a proposed political party named, and at no point did I “warn youth activists.”

In fact, the Bainimarama Government is very encouraged by the fact that young people are engaging with the political process.

Fiji’s youth have a very important role to play in the 2014 parliamentary elections. With the voting age now at 18, young Fijians have the opportunity – for the first time – to actively participate; to stand up and make their voices heard. To say, “This is the Fiji we want.”

We need new political parties with new ideas; parties with inclusive platforms; parties that consider all Fijians equal; parties that protect land-ownership – including iTaukei ownership – in practice as well as in theory; parties that have clear policies on socio – economic issues such as economic growth, job creation, access to education, electricity, water, housing, and sanitation.

Parties such as these will be a welcome addition to a landscape that is currently dominated by the same old faces, which represent Fiji’s past, not its future.

The Fiji Sun story this news release refers to was at this link which now reads error:

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