Radio NZ reports claims Fiji constitution to be finalized by Sept

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Posted at 18:26 on 16 June, 2013 UTC

Fiji’s newest political party says the constitution is a living document and could be changed after next year’s election.

Nirmal Singh of the People’s Democratic Party says he can’t comment much on the document as it has not been finalised, but says he is encouraged by its democratic principles and focus on human rights.

Mr Singh says his new party has attracted many in Fiji especially from the 18-45 year-old category.

He says the party attracts people with its policies such as having a free media, a strong judiciary and a strong democracy, but says he won’t specify any concrete policy yet.

Mr Singh says the future Parliament could change the constitution if they see fit.

“The constitution is a living document, it is not engraved in stone and the elected representatives of the people should have the right to represent their people and change the constitution as they deem appropriate for the people of Fiji.”

Nirmal Singh.

The Government says the constitution will be finalised by September.

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