Sea of Blue as Fiji celebrates independence day


Everywhere you look today you can see the colorful Bula shirts and dresses as people get into the spirit of celebrating Independence day tomorrow.

The significance of Independence day is also being stressed at Primary and Secondary school as a means to instill patriotism amongst the younger generation who are enjoying the spoils of those who understand its importance.

And there are interesting reflections and comments pouring out through the local media outlets. reports that’s some Fiji Flags and soft drinks were dropped out of a plane 43 years ago when Fiji gained its independence on the 10th of October 1970.

This is according to Youth Minister Commander ViliameNaupoto as he recalled the historic day and shared it with 83 wheelbarrow boys in Suva.Commander Naupoto said he was in Vatoa, Lau when he saw an airplane flying across the island and dropping items out of the plane.

Commander Naupoto said the untiring work of the teachers in schools, the doctor treating patient in the hospital and the knowledgeable advice from the elders has led Fiji to its success.

He added although there are some difficulties, Fiji has managed to overcome these challenges.

Major activities to celebrate Independence day are planned including the reenactment of Fiji’s historic event, the Deed of Cession is an affirmation of where Fiji is today.

The reenactment of the signing of the Deed of Cession will take place in Fiji’s old Capital, Levuka while Fijians living abroad are also marking the occasion.

In Australia, the first of the Fiji Day Celebrations kicked off in Adelaide this week, with others planned for the coming weeks in Fijian Communities around Australia.

In New Zealand, the Fiji High Commission will celebrate Fiji Day with guests comprising the Auckland Consular Corps, business community and the Fiji Diaspora on the 17th of this month in Auckland.

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