Sex, drugs school stats a concern


According to statistics revealed by the  Education Ministry, an average of 63 primary schools in the country report cases of students’ involvement in drugs, substance abuse and sexual offences each year.

The ministry has also confirmed that between 2009 and 2011 a total of 72 high school pregnancy cases were recorded.

During this same period,  figures received  from high schools from around the country confirmed 215 sexual offences, 54 marijuana cases and 522 incidents of smoking.

High schools have also registered 212 cases of inhalers, 268 cases of alcohol use and 369 cases of kava consumption.

This information was made known to students, parents and teachers attending a two-day government roadshow at Vatumali Government Station in Navosa.

National substance abuse education officer Josua Naisele said drugs and sex cases showed that some students were involved in criminal and illegal activities.

The ministry is now training  teachers on the danger of drugs and how community members can work together to combat the issue.

Schools have also been encouraged to come up with their own awareness programs.

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