Shark fins investigation continues

namuka i lau

Investigations continue into claims made by shark activists and the South China Morning Post that Air Pacific owned aircraft was allegedly transporting shark fins to Hong Kong.

Soon to be Fiji Airways, Air Pacific has stated that the claims were serious.

It is legal to fish and export sharks in Fiji.

According to the article, a letter submitted by 78 shark activists, including Animals Asia Foundation founder Jill Robinson and Oscar winning director Rick O’Barry, claimed a substantial amount of the shark fins imported to Hong Kong by air last year was flown in an Air Pacific aircraft.

They based their claims on a welcoming speech made by China’s secretary of Transport and Housing Professor Anthony Cheung Bing Leung in March where he noted the increased cargo volume on Air Pacific planes.

“There were only 45 tonnes of cargo being carried between Hong Kong and Fiji in 2009. By the end of last year, the cargo volume was close to 1000 tonnes,” Leung had said.

“Thanks to the close aviation links, we in Hong Kong can now enjoy various kinds of seafood products from the South Pacific as Fiji is one of the major exporters of fish and fishery products to Hong Kong.”


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