The upgraded “Bean peanut”

Making a living during Fiji Day celebrations, snacks seller, Mr Satdeo Narayan of Wainibuku at Albert Park.
Photo: Min Info.


Remember back in the 90’s where our usual “bean peanut” guy who hangs around the bus stand to cater to hungry school school and adult alike?  Usually they carry pretty much just bean and peanut and we have the option to order half and half. Taste pretty good!

But look at today’s modern  “bean peanut” collection of goods in his cart. From the picture above we can clearly tell there’s more than just bean and peanuts in the cart.

It’s fair to say that we upgraded our phones Iphones (some of us), they do also upgrade their collection of goods!

It’s good to see them around and great to know they have a lot to offer!

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