Unemployment rate high

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The Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation is concerned with alarming numbers of high school and tertiary graduates failing to secure employment each year.

Federation acting president Howard Politini said of the average 15,000 school leavers each year only a third of the figure found employment.

He said the federation was focused on changing the mindset of students, parents and leaders to realise that education was not the only option leading to a successful future.

He said it was high time for the people of Fiji to find other ways of employing themselves rather than depending mainly on education for white collar jobs.

Mr Politini said in spite of the many employment opportunities created each year, thousands of qualified school leavers failed to secure employment.

“We need more emphasis on the small and micro businesses to solve the issue of unemployment in Fiji,” he said.

“Despite creation of new employment opportunities, we think that education will not give all school leavers white collar jobs.

“We need to change the mindset of the parents and the students and leaders by doing things on their own for income generating sources.”

He said natural resources could be utilised to provide employment for many, adding the abundance of idle land in villages and urban areas could be developed to generate income rather than depending on education to provide employment.

He said the federation was also working with regional countries for off-shore employment opportunities.


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