Weekend prisoner’s partial sentence quashed

A man who was sentenced to weekend only prison term had his partial 8 year sentence quashed by the High Court Judge Justice Paul Madigan today.

Nasinu Magistrate Sumudu Premachandra had sentenced the 33 year old man man to weekend prison term on January 25 for raping his 22 year old sister. The convict went to prison on a Friday and used to be released on a Sunday.

The state appealed the sentence on the ground that the Magistrate erred in law in imposing a partial suspended sentence and the Magistrate failed to consider Section 181 of the Sentencing and Penalties Decree 2009 in not imposing a non parole sentence.

Judge Madigan will call the case on the July 15 to hear sentencing submissions and to address him in mitigation.

The man is remanded in police custody.

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