What happened to the proposed $290m Denarau casino?

fiji casino

Construction work on Fiji’s first casino is yet to start although the deadline for the proposed development of the $290m casino in Denarau  was last Friday.

The Fiji government had granted the casino license to the American company One Hundred Sands Limited in December 2011 and construction was expected to start last year.

The attorney-general Aiyaz Sayad Khaiyum then extended the deadline for construction to start by the end of last month and said there would be consequences if it wasn’t.

The owner of the company, Larry Claunch had told radio NZ International in an earlier report that the delays are over and construction will start in a matter of days. He claimed in that report that it was a mutual deadline and they are pleased they have been able to work through the complications associated with building a casino.

He had said that the first priority was to get sub-contractors on the site before they organise a main contractor.

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